This page is about tickets booked directly with us for Suggestibles shows at The Cumberland Arms, where we play the first Saturday of the month, and at Christmas with the Impro Pantso, the last night of our tour and final show of the year.


If your query is regarding tickets to our monthly shows at the Stand Comedy Club you should contact them directly at

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1) I want to book tickets but I don't have a PayPal account, how can I pay?

  • You don't need a PayPal account to use it as a secure server for payment. PayPal accepts all major credit and debit cards without the need for an account, so it's easy to pay with or without a PayPal account. However, if you're having problems, please contact us.

2) When I book, do I get mailed tickets?


  • We don't send tickets. You will receive an email receipt from 'PayPal' as confirmation of your booking. No need to print. Your name will be on the door when you arrive, along with the number of people in your party.

3) When I book, can I reserve seats? 

  • We prepare seating for all advanced bookings. You will find your name on your seat/s when you arrive. Due to the small size and flexible space (optimum 90 seats) you can't personally book a specific seat as there is no 'fixed' seating plan, but you can arrange to sit with friends (see more at note 4 and 13 below).

4) Other friends are booking separately. How can we arrange to sit together?

  • On the PayPal checkout page, you will find a message box. Just leave a note of the named booker you want to sit with. If this message does not show on your device, drop us an email us in advance of the event with the other names of who have placed the booking (we don't need all individual names in your party, just the booker) and we'll arrange seats together.

5) When I try to book, I get told there's not enough seats. How can I buy more?

  • It's likely the show is sold out, or if it's after 4pm on the day of the show, advance sales will have closed. Contact us before 6pm to see if there's any more seats. After 6pm call the Cumberland Arms bar on 0101 265 6151.

  • The Impro Pantso is advance sales only and very popular. It is highly recommended you book all the tickets you need early. Typically, this show sells-out 2 months in advance. If you need to add extra seats to your booking, and it is showing sold out, get in touch and we will add you to the top of our waitlist.

6) I'm having trouble booking. The link isn't working or taking me where I need to pay. What should I do?

  • Try using a different browser or device, or refreshing the page. If you still have problems please contact us.


7) I didn't receive an email receipt, but the money's been withdrawn - have you got my booking?

  • If the money has been withdrawn, rest assured we will have your booking. First check in your spam or junk folder just in case. If your PayPal receipt isn't there, it's possible you didn't fill your email address correctly, but we will have retained a copy. Contact us if you're unsure.

8) I've booked tickets but need to cancel. Can I get a refund?


  • For our shows on the 1st Saturday of the month, a minimum of 3 days (72 hours) of cancellation is required to receive a full refund. If less notice is given (but more than 24 hours) we will put your tickets back on-sale and contact our waiting list if applicable, and if someone purchases your cancelled tickets in time, we will make a refund less 20% admin fee. We do not make refunds if tickets are cancelled on the day of the performance. Please allow 7 days for any refunds to be applied. 

  • For our Impro Pantso shows at Christmas, we require a minimum of 5 days notice for you to receive a full refund. If less notice is given (but more than 24 hours) we will put your tickets back on-sale and contact our waiting list if applicable, and if someone purchases your cancelled tickets in time, we will make a refund less 20% admin fee. We do not make refunds if tickets are cancelled on the day of the performance. Please allow 7 days for any refunds to be applied. 

9) I've booked but can I change dates?


  • Yes - if an alternative, suitable date at the Cumberland Arms is already published. Contact us and we will arrange to switch dates. Please give at least 72 hours notice. We cannot swap Cumberland Arms tickets for shows at The Stand. We cannot swap Impro Pantso tickets for regualr tickets and vice versa.

10) Do I need to book? Can I just show up?

  • It is recommended you book, shows often sell-out. If there are spare tickets they will be on sale on the door. A queue usually forms when doors open at 7.30pm. Advance sales close at approx. 4pm on the day of the show, so after this time you can usually contact us before 6pm to find out how many will be left for sale on the door.

11) Can I just call to reserve seats, rather than book online?

  • Nope! We don't accept reservations.

12) What are your concession priced tickets? 

  • We limit the number of concession tickets we sell to our *regular shows here as the Cumberland only has a small capacity of 100. Our concession tickets are reduced for NUS students, NUS, In-Benefit of JSA/PIP, Retired Pensioner Actors Equity and Registered Disabled. ID must be shown on the door, otherwise the full price - the difference, will be charged for admission.


N.B. If you are Registered Disabled and in need of a carer to enable you to attend, your carer gets in free to our *regular shows at the Cumberland, but we need to know to save them an extra seat, so please inform us by email as soon as you have booked that you have ordered one concession ticket and require 1 extra for your carer.  If you are a wheelchair user, please inform us by email as soon as you book as this will require adjustment to seating to make you and your group comfortable. See more on 'accessibility' at note 14. 

*We don't offer concessions to our Impro Pantso show at the Cumberland Arms at Xmas. Also, for H&S reasons, the back entrance for wheelchair users can prove difficult to say the least. Therefore, we recommend you see our Impro Pantso at Northern Stage which is fully accessible and offers similar concessions for disabled audience members that we do to our regular shows at The Cumberland.


13) Do you do group discounts?

  • Nope! The Cumberland Arms is a small venue and we keep tickets at reasonable prices. If your friends want to book separately and still be seated together, leave a note at checkout or email us (see more at note 3 and 4). 

14) How 'Accessible' is the Cumberland Arms?

  • The Cumberland Arms is an historic building and only 'partially accessible'. The main entrance to the performance venue is situated up a winding staircase at the back of the pub. The back entrance is on ground level,  and accessible with a ramp for wheelchair users. However, the toilets are downstairs in the pub which means exiting the venue to use them and may take some time (especially in soggy weather). Please email us if you are a wheelchair user as soon as you have booked so we can rearrange the seating to make you and your party comfortable. See more at note 12.

15) Do you allow under 18s to your show?

  • The Cumberland Arms is a licensed premises, therefore under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult. The young person must not drink or attempt to purchase alcohol on the premises, and it is as an offence for an adult to purchase alcohol for them. 


  • We don't recommend our show for under 18s. Due to the uncensored nature and audience interaction of the show, the content, themes and language can be very adult and unpredictable. It can prove uncomfortable not just for the young person but also for the rest of the audience. If you're unsure, feel free to contact us.

N.B. We do not offer concession priced discounts for under 18s.