The Suggestibles Impro Pantso is back this Xmas!

"As unexpected treats go this Christmas, they'll not come any better than this"

Crack Magazine

The Hilarious Improvised Pantomime

The Suggestibles' Impro Pantso is made-up on-the spot!

Your suggestions inspire the quirky characters, ingenious songs, and all the twists and turns in this spontaneous festive fun-ride like no other.

Be Prepared:

To raise the roof singing

To roll in the aisles laughing

To Boo, Hiss and go Aah!

Be Warned:

The Suggestibles

contain nuts.

Armed with a bundle of costumes and a bucket load of imagination, the Suggestibles descend on the theatre's stage, and whatever Christmas set they have in situ, to create hysterical havoc!

Just remember to leave the kids at home.

They get enough treats anyway!