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Northumbria Water Group

I do believe the success of our leadership days is through The Suggestibles' understanding our needs, and how they linked improvisation to leadership.

The feedback from the attendees has been fantastic, with our leaders energised and the skills being used in real life to support communication and engagement with our front line teams.

Emma Jennings

Strategic Network Manager

Astellas Pharma

A truly amazing recipe for success! Right from brief to delivery, the team didn’t just understand WHAT we wanted to achieve but also HOW we wanted to achieve it!


The key ingredients are: CONNECTING, ENGAGING, EXPLORE, CHALLENGE, LEARN and EMBRACE, and above all ENJOY!


Thank you, from us all”

Embracing Change 

Conference Team

Campus North

Bev puts you at ease immediately as she radiates such a lovely, supportive vibe it's impossible not to enjoy yourself and let go :) Each activity during the session pushed your boundaries in a way that still felt comfortable. 

Our attendees couldn't praise Bev highly enough.

Lynsey Britton


Release Potential

"As if by magic, staff communications have improved and productivity has gone up. Rarely have I seen such visible improvements as the result of a development day.


Recommend without reservation." 

Hugh Hutchinson


After Adoption

Working with Bev and Ian was great. From the very start they were able to engage our group of young people quickly and provide a comfortable environment where they were able to grow in confidence. They were flexible in their approach and were able to adapt to the needs of each individual.  


I would highly recommend them and will definitely use them again in the future.

Nicole Kosmanova

Project Manager

Northumbria University

Business School

“Bev provided an expertly designed and facilitated workshop on Leadership Presence for our Executive Women Leaders programme.  


She creates practical, memorable and fun learning which brings theory to life. 


Our participants loved it and she is a joy to work with!”

Dr Amy Stabler

Corporate and Executive Development


Bev Fox and Ian McLaughlin seamlessly translate their skills as improvisation professionals into a development session relevant for any corporate environment.


They have worked with us on storytelling, presentation skills, influence and negotiation skills development sessions, and without fail they have been extremely well received and above all provided real impact!

Laura Woodward


Newcastle University

The two-day programme for our Graduate Ambassadors had a truly positive impact on our new team. I was very pleased to see lots of 'standing and doing' instead of the usual 'sitting and listening'. The activities and coaching boosted their confidence, made them much more aware of their strengths, and how to gradually iron out their weaknesses.


I recommend this company, and will utilise their expertise again - very impressed."

Matthew Bratton

Marketing and Student Recruitment


Your coaching sessions with our executive producers has made a huge impact on them. Their personal confidence has shot-up!


The  'Big Pitch' at the LA Conference was so much the better for working with you, and colleagues have marked a noticeable difference in day-to-day communications too. Thank you.

Lorna Jennings

Psychological Consultant

Games and TV Industry