Catch The Suggestibles 2-hour improv comedy joyride every month at The Stand Comedy Club and The Cumberland Arms, Newcastle.


Don't miss the Suggestibles Christmas tour of North East Theatres with their Impro Pantso!

The Suggestibles improv comedy group

You supply the suggestions

We supply the laughs!

As seen in The Times Top 5 Comedy Nights Out in the North

Improv comedy group, The Suggestibles at The Stand Comed Club, Newcastle UK. Alex Ross, Ian McLaughlin, Carl Kennedy, Bev Fox. Photo by Jonathon Parker
The Stand Comedy Club Newcastle Logo. The Suggestibles.jpg
Improv comedy group, The Suggestibles at The Cumberland Arms, Newcastle UK. Ian McLaughlin, Bev Fox. Photo by Chris Bishop.
The Cumberland Arms Newcastle Logo. The Suggestibles.jpg

“The best bit is watching and willing them to dig their way out of the ludicrous hole they’ve just put so much effort into digging for themselves in the first place.”

The Chronicle

“Whether serious political whit or ridiculous slapstick, the comedy was beyond side-splitting. Undoubtedly one of the greatest acts in the region.”

NUS Courier

The Suggestibles play 2 monthly comedy improv nights in Newcastle. The Cumberland Arms has been their home since 2004, and in 2013 they became resident at The Stand Comedy Club (prior to the Stand, they were in situ at The Hyena Comedy Club).

"One of the hottest comedy tickets in the North East."

The Guardian

5 Actors + 1 Musician + 0 Script = A Ton of Hot-fast Hilarity!

A different show every time, The Suggestibles play The Stand Comedy Club (third Thursday of the month) and The Cumberland Arms (first Saturday of the month) in Newcastle. 

Suggestibles' improv comedy shows are made up on-the-spot. Audience suggestions inspire the whole night. The players could ask the crowd to shout out types of jobs, styles of music, places, accents, or random ideas that spring to mind. You get to scribble down lines of dialogue to give them some script to work with, because they start with nothing! In the grand finale, The Suggestibles make up an improvised musical, the likes you have never seen before, and will never see again. You're part of the show. You don't get picked on. Together, it's going to be a rollercoaster of laughs!

Best audience suggestion WINS 2 tickets to another Suggestibles' show. 

At Christmas, they go crazy with The Suggestibles Impro Pantso.

“Northeast comedy giants!”

What’s On

Nationally, The Suggestibles have played The Globe Theatre London, Bristol Old Vic and Liverpool Everyman, and in the North East at Newcastle Theatre Royal, Northern Stage, Live Theatre, Durham Gala and The Baltic, to name just a few.

The Suggestibles Impro Pantso, Rachel Glover, Tom Walton at Alnwick Playhouse. Photo by Joe Haydon.
The Suggestibles Impro Pantso at Durham Gala. Photo by Joe Haydon.jpg
The Suggestibles Impro Pantso at Alnwick Playhouse, Carl Kennedy and John Mawer. Photo by Joe Haydon.
The Suggestibles Impro Pantso at Durham Gala, Evil Villains. Photo by Joe Haydon.
The Suggestibles Impro Pantso at Alnwick Playhourse. Photo by Joe Haydon.

“The Suggestibles make scripted comedy look like staying home to de-scale the kettle.”

The Crack

“An hour and a half of comedy gold. I barely had the time to wipe away my tears before more came.”

Shields Gazette

“From the start, you knew it was going to be good. For one night only, Newcastle’s improv group took to the Edinburgh Fringe and my, did they do well!”  

Three Weeks

“There’s nothing more satisfying than comedy which makes you ache with laughter - and the Suggestibles provide exactly that.”

The Journal

The Suggestibles Impro Pantso

No Script. No Score. No Kids!

At Christmas, The Suggestibles go on tour of North East Theatres, with their Improvised pantomime. They don a bunch of costumes, turn up on the theatre's set and then, only Santa knows. Audience suggestions inspire all the cookie characters, songs, twists and turns in an epic tale of good versus evil verses wig.


But this show ain't for the kids. Hurray! They get enough at Christmas.

“The best thing to happen to hilarity since the advent of the laugh!”


The Impro Pantso first appeared in Newcastle at Live Theatre in 2003. It emerged at Northern Stage in 2008, and now tours each Christmas, ending with its last night at the Suggestibles' home venue, The Cumberland Arms. The original concept goes back to 1993 when Bev Fox and Ian McLaughlin (Suggestibles founders) staged the show in London, starring Josie Lawrence and Mike McShane.

“If you’re coming in from the cold, The Suggestibles may just change your perception of what live comedy is all about.”


The Suggestibles Improv Comedy Group: Tom Walton, Bev Fox, Ian McLaughlin, Carl Kennedy, Rachel Glover, Alex Ross

The Suggestibles improv comedy group is Bev Fox, Ian McLaughlin, Carl Kennedy, Tom Walton, Rachel Glover and Alex Ross . John Mawer is a regular 'guestible' and is a member of the Suggestibles Impro Pantso team. Former members, Gary Kitching and Chris Price also guest from time to time.


The Suggestibles have had over 50 guest performers from the UK national improv comedy scene. Special guests have included Whose Line is it Anyway? stars Tony Slatttery, Niall Ashdown, Steve Steen, Steve Frost and Richard Vranch, Andy Smart and Lee Simpson of London's Comedy Store Players', Suki Webster of Paul Merton's Impro Chums, and author Stella Duffy.

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