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"Newcastle Improv Comedy Giants"

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Here to Remedy Life with Laughter!

The Suggestibles have been making the people of the Northeast of England laugh since 2003, bringing the art of improv comedy on stage, on film, in workshop, and now - online.


We produce uproarious hilarity on stage, award-winning entertainment on camera, and we are founders of the Newcastle Improv Festival.


We have taught thousands of people in the skills of improvisation, and the Suggestibles’ School of Improv is the longest-running training and performance ground for improvisers in the UK.


We work creatively within communities, partner with the region's universities, schools and cultural organisations, national business and corporate clients, and international theatre companies, to deliver improv-based training programs and innovative projects that are fun, different, and memorable.

While the real world is on pause, join us in the virtual world of improv.

Since April 2020, due to Covid restrictions, we have been presenting improv online. Now we have a global reach and our improv community is growing. We love welcoming people from all over the world to our on-going improv classes and private events held on Zoom, and fun times on social media.


We've led hundreds of hours of online improv classes, lots of improv jams, and enjoyed many late-night sessions in the virtual pub! Staying sociable online whilst having fun learning new skills has helped all of us brighten our spirits through these tough times.

Whether you are watching or participating, improv is fun, improv is stimulating, and improv connects people. We need that now, more than ever!

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