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The Suggestibles Reunited on Video

JUL. 06, 2021

Reunited at the Cumberland Arms for a show on the terrace - watch the video!

Sunday 20th June at the Cumberland Arms. We were all together for the first time in real glorious 3D. Outside on the terrace, pacing about wating for a real live audience to arrive. We were so excited and nervous. Our feet wouldn't stand still. We couldn't stop smiling. The forecast was wind and rain, but the sun shone down and the wood pigeons cooed along in the trees. Bliss!

The Cumby has been our home since 2003. Oh how we'd missed this most wonderful of places! Thank you dear audience for being so amazing. You were generous, and daft, and fucking mint TBH. Tickets flew out, and we're really sorry if you tried and couldn't get in - but, you can WATCH THE VIDEO of the show. And WATCH THE EMOTIOANAL ARRIVAL to 'our' song, Don;t Stop Me Now, caught on camera by a fan.

We played 80mins of some of our favourite games, and 'Aspects of Zoom' was an absolute gift of a suggestion for our musical finale. We couldn't have wished for more. We'll never forget it.

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