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An Easter Improv Workshop Festival - Online!

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

We are so excited our Easter Improv Workshop Festival starts in just a few day’s time, with such a brilliant international line-up of teachers for our students, who we are super grateful to for supporting us.

Patti Stiles (Australia), Paul Vaillancourt (USA), Feña Ortalli (Spain), and Pippa Evans (UK) are going make this a fantastic and unforgettable fortnight!

It’s hard to believe it's a whole year since we went online with classes, and here we are now. It's been turbulent for us all, but being able to still laugh together, and make improv work virtually, has been a quite an amazing and unforgettable journey.

Pulling together this awesome line-up of guest teachers was a walk in the park, compared to making a real-world festival like in 2019. They've been very generous to us, and we've passed those savings on to you. It's not a profit-making scheme for us. Ian and I wanted to celebrate where we've got to with all who have supported us this past year, and for us to take a little time-out to plan for the future.

Our part of the world is starting to open up. It's exciting, and TBH a bit scary, but we’re being really optimistic and proactive about it. The next step for us is to make the real and virtual improv worlds come together. We have some big dreams we want to turn into reality.

See you at the fest if you are coming (we’ll be dropping in of course!) or during Spring term. And if we don’t see you online - hopefully in-person real soon!


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