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Catch - in 3 stages

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Catch is one of our simplest games to play, but it must be played fast! It's a call-and-response game, that involves throwing an imaginary ball, played in gallery-mode on Zoom. It works as an ice-breaker, improv warm-up, energiser, and is also a great way for new groups or beginners to learn each others' names. I like it because it's uplifting, and you have to stay alert. You don't know when it will come to you next. If students aren't alert to start with, they will be by the end.

We have 3 Stages to Catch. For beginners, we may end at Stage 1 (the name learning stage). At Stage 2, we add the emotion of 'love'. (I like this because it's positive and soppy, and helps them get over themselves!) At Stage 3, we switch between emotions.

In class, each student's name is in their own screen/frame (but set to not show in the video recording). Once they know each others' names, it can be fun to change their screen names to daft, made-up ones - and this can be helpful if, by stage 3, they don't feel comfortable with using negative emotions with each other yet. Having said that, it can be a good way to introduce gritty emotions and playing dis-likeable characters, and you gotta keep stretching that comfort zone. It all depends on where the group's at.