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Life Unscripted - Ep 2

Life Unscripted explores the impact of current news on a group of fictional characters, living through the Covid-19 pandemic, in a weekly series of short episodic video calls. #lifeunscripted

Scenes are improvised by our School of Improv students during workshop, directed using ‘closed captions’ by Bev Fox, with audio & video transitions managed by Ian McLaughlin.

This Episode Cast & Characters:

Emma McIntosh as Fran. Jackie Wood as Sandra. Jon Farthing as George. Jules Kilburn as Terence. Hazel Burton as Felicity. Jenni Winter as Vikki. Naz Kourgli as Michael.

Episode 2. 15mins

Fran's furious because Sandra's gone to Spain and has to be quarantined. Sandra's son Michael returns home. George wants to make a bubble with Terence, and Felicity, and with just about anyone.


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