There's no need to miss that celebration or fun night together when you can have your very own private games party, hosted by Bev and Ian of the Suggestibles.

We'll get everyone involved and laughing in no time!

Suggestibles' fans loved our lockdown series of Carry On Improvising shows on Facebook so much, they started asking for their own private online games parties.


If you'd like one, they go something like this...

Online Private Party

  • 2 hours + of hilarious, interactive and unusual online entertainment hosted by Bev and Ian of the Suggestibles.

  • We'll bring you fun-packed rounds of quizzes and games and silly challenges, with crazy virtual prizes to win, and basically a really good time!

  •  Tell us your kind of interests and we'll shape it to suit you, and you can pick your favourite music as well.

  • We can tone it up or down, so if you want kids to join, that's fine.

  • Guests need an internet connection and their device needs a camera.

  • The party is hosted on Zoom, an application which you can download here. (Select Zoom Client for Meetings.)

  • Booking costs £105 for up-to 5 household teams, then £15 per additional team. This means 1 device per team, but as many people in that team as you like. (Anywhere from 1 to 6 players per team works great, but you can have more).

  • If you want us to tailor a big party, and go all out, let us know. We can do a whole lot more!

  • Payment can be made online by Card, PayPal or BACs.

  • To book, or for more info, get in touch with Bev and Ian at: call us on 0333 050 9463 or send us a facebook message at

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