How to access and prepare for your online improv class

You need a laptop or PC with a camera and internet connection to use Zoom, the online meeting application we use for classes. Zoom is best experienced on PC or laptop. (Some manage with tablets or mobiles, but the screen is smaller, and the controls need to be swiped back and forth.)


You can download and install/run the Zoom app on your device here: Select ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’. If you need any help installing the app, email or call 0333 050 9463. Alternatively, contact us on Facebook Messenger and we can have a chat there but reach us in advance of your class, as once the session is underway, we may not be able to assist you.


Instructions for accessing your event


It’s easy to access your event in 3-4 clicks. You should join the event early to be ready to start on time. Our Zoom waiting room opens 15mins before the event (You are not visible to others in the waiting room, but your teacher knows you have arrived.) While we can sometimes give a little leeway, we can’t guarantee entry for late arrivals, once the class is underway.


  1. A) To access the event from your email booking confirmation, click the ‘View Zoom Event’ button. This takes you to the Event Page which is accessible to you as soon as you have booked. B) Alternatively, you can access your event from our booking page, as long as you are logged-in. Navigate to the event in the scedule, click the blue ‘View Details’ button, then the grey ‘View Zoom Event’ button, which takes you to the Event Page.

  2. In the blue panel on the Event Page, click the ‘Join Zoom Meeting’ button, and input the Meeting ID and Password provided there. (You will see a weblink you can click to download the ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’ Application, if you haven’t already).

  3. You will be prompted to the Open Zoom App and to test your audio if it's your first time.

  4. Once the class is ready to start, select ‘Join with Video’.

  5. A message will pop-up to say the class ‘may be recorded for the purpose of teacher and student review’. Click ‘Continue’ to join the session. (Students will receive a private link to the video recording of the class later.)

  6. You will arrive in the session, and from here we’ll guide you all the way!


Guidance on how to prepare for your session


We’ll run through all the Zoom in-meeting controls during the class, and guide you throughout, so there’s nothing to worry about there. These are tips on how best prepare your device and workspace ahead of your class.


  • Make sure your device is fully charged (or plugged in to power). Closing other apps and windows will save your battery and help your device run more smoothly.

  • If you have a weak Wi-fi signal, try moving nearer to your router/modem, or leave doors ajar if possible so as not to hinder the signal.

  • Find a comfortable position, and sit directly in-front of your device, so we can see your face, and you are speaking towards your computer’s microphone. (You are welcome to stand, if this is more comfortable).

  • Your device itself will typically give off enough light on your face to be seen, but you should avoid having bright light behind you. This could cause you to be cast in shadow or silhouette. Facing a window is far better than having a window behind you. A desk lamp pointed down and towards your face can help too.

  • Have a play around to see what works best for you, but don’t worry if you can’t manage all of this. We can always help improve things during the session.


  • A note on ‘Virtual Backgrounds’ – while they can be fun, we don’t use them in class. They can be distracting and not everyone’s device has the capability. (If you don’t know what a virtual background is – don’t worry about it J)


  • A word about props. We often use props in class. Simple household items like books, cutlery, cups, and any kind of headwear, sunglasses, hats, scarves, wigs etc is fun to play with, so gather a few items, as they could come in handy.

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