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Join us in the Wonderful World of Virtual Improv!

While our real-world School of Improv classes are on pause, until they can resume safely, you can find the fun online.

It's been fantastic to find a way to be together, and support each other, through these most turbulent of times. We feel so connected in our online improv classes, you can almost touch and smell each other.  It's as close to being in the same room as you can get, and the laughter is the only contagious thing here!


Our improv community here in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in the Northeast of England, has now spread its wings to a global reach. We're enriched by our new friends who join us from across the UK, Europe, Africa and the USA. 


We all love our online sessions so much, they're going to continue when all this is over.

Coming up

7.30pm to 9.45pm UTC

Level 1

7.30pm to 9.45pm UTC

Levels 2-3

7.30pm to 9.45pm UTC

Levels 4-5

"I love the Suggestibles. Both Bev and Ian are such wonderful improvisers themselves. But the best part is that they know how to impart their knowledge to their students. And they devise devilish scenes and situations which really make you think and IMPROVISE!" 

Jill, Online Improv Student, Mexico

Confidence - Creativity - Community

Great Value

You'll get a whole lot more than an improv workshop with us, and we hope you’ll stay with us for a long time to come. People make life-long friends here.

The Suggestibles' School of Improv is the longest-running training and performance ground for improvisers in the UK. Established by Bev Fox and Ian McLaughlin in 2003, they are highly skilled and insightful improv teachers, and you gain from their extensive experience. Both have led a 32-year career in improvisation. 


Our Beginners Course is the best way to gain a solid foundation in Improv, and the fun doesn't need to end there. Our programme is one of on-going development, and flexible. For Improvers and Advanced level improvisers, you can book individual classes, and if you attend regularly, save money by booking discount sets (available from January).

Small class sizes mean more 'stage-time', more quality-time from your teacher, and more space to get to know each other and work together well. We have an optimum group size of 8. 


We are based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in the Northeast UK. You'll find our teaching to be of the best quality, but without the London price-tag, and they are generally much cheaper than in the US. There's no extra costs in booking fees either.

We record our sessions on Zoom, and you have access to the videos of your classes too, so can watch them back, and enjoy them all over again, whenever you like.  

Friendly Community

The people who come to our improv classes are of different ages and backgrounds. Its an eclectic mix! Our students come from all walks of life. Introverts, extraverts, and all those in between. It doesn't matter what your job is. Your job is not your identity here. It's an equal and supportive space, where we learn from each others' experiences.


After class, we often open the 'Virtual Pub' to laugh and get to know each other more. We also have a Private Facebook Group for our members to stay in touch and have fun between sessions, and offer free and fun online socials too.

Exceptional Improv Teachers

You're in safe hands. Ian McLaughlin and Bev Fox (or Mr & Mrs Improv, as they are fondly nicknamed) are funny, supportive and inventive. They are expertly skilled in improv as teachers, performers and directors.


In their 32-year career, they have developed their practice by working with the UK's most pioneering and accomplished improv companies and artistes, such as London's Comedy Store Players and Improbable Theatre, one of their greatest influences being 'Impro' author and guru, Keith Johnstone who they trained with in Canada. They have performed and taught improv internationally, on stage, film, TV and radio and trained thousands of people across ages, backgrounds and career paths.


Bringing improv online has been an exciting opportunity to embrace technology and merge improv with their love of film-making (they have won 4 Royal Television Society Awards for their improv-based work on camera!)

Real Progress

The regularity of having attentive teachers in Bev and Ian, who care about nurturing the skills, talents and well-being of every single student, their guidance and feedback means you will keep growing and improving as an improviser. At School of Improv, there are 5 levels of classes, so you will feel supported and challenged to the right degree at every stage, and be able to progress at the right pace for you.


Even if you skip a class, or take a long chunk of time out, their flexibility as coaches means you can comfortably fit right back in, and be back riding that improv bike in no time. 


Because we instil a real sense of generosity and goodwill among our students, you'll develop trust and confidence to step outside your comfort zone, take creative risks, light the spark, and nourish the improviser in you and others.

Innovative Techniques

We've developed a variety of Signature improv games and formats over the years, and now the context has changed from stage to camera, we're excited by a whole lot more we've invented for this 'Zoom Zone' we all find ourselves in.


There are some similarities, and a lot of differences between improv for stage and improv for camera. These differences are fantastic opportunities to explore and take improv in new and innovative directions. Improvising in your own space, at home is a new dimension to discover. We love to use household props and random costumes you have to hand. Your device camera becomes a new tool, and we use the camera in a variety of ways to connect with each other, and to make interesting viewing.

Performance and Showbacks

We've started to share some of our favourite new Signature games, formats and magic moments on social media. We're looking forward to creating more opportunities for students who are ready to express themselves to a wider audience online.

Zoom & Tech

Zoom is the meeting application we use that enables us to workshop together online. Read our guidance notes on how to prepare for and access your class.


Don't worry if you're a technophobe - we're very patient and you'll be zooming with confidence in no time


If you've tried Zoom and didn't like it, or experienced those awkward silences with work colleagues or family - well, all we can say is, you haven't Zoomed with us!


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